The Salter Air Fryer is a Healthier Alternative to a Classic Deep Fryer

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: saltercookshop & gadgetexplained
Food made in a deep fryer is no doubt delicious but it's also loaded with calories and fat, so the Salter Air Fryer is designed to do away with immersing foods in oils. Using an incredible heat circulation system, the Salter Air Fryer is designed to cook foods fast, evenly and without having to use tons of oil.

Capable of being used with little or no oil, the Salter Air Fryer works to cook anything one desires to have a crispy outer and a softer internal section.

The Salter Air Fryer features an enhanced control system that allows it to be set to the ideal temperature and even set to automatically turn off once foods have been cooked.