From Cold Pressed Juice Packs to Smartphone-Controlled Rice Cookers

 - May 21, 2016
From machines that make it easier to enjoy cold-pressed juice to rice cookers that can be controlled remotely, the May 2016 kitchen trends reveal a clear demand for appliances that are quick and easy to use. Indeed, as consumers have increasingly less time to prepare meals, smart technology is needed to make home cooking more efficient.

One of the biggest changes to kitchen appliances is the addition of IoT capabilities. This technology leverages the power of the Internet to create kitchen devices that can build shopping lists, look up recipes and even deliver step-by-step cooking instructions. Some of the most popular devices equipped with this kind of technology include fridges, rice cookers and toaster ovens.

In keeping with the shift towards smart appliances, the May 2016 kitchen trends also reveal a demand for efficient drink dispensers that go beyond single-serve coffee makers. For example, Juicero has created an ultra-efficient appliance that cold presses juice out of prepared packages. Similarly, the Somm helps users pour the perfect glass of wine from specially designed pods called sylos. Both of these devices demonstrate the demand for high-tech machines that improve the way consumers prepare drinks at home.