The Mini WildSide Jar from Blendtec is Ideal for Smaller Blends

 - Apr 3, 2016
References: blendtec & blendtec
For those who are looking to make smaller blends, the Mini WildSide Jar from Blendtec is the perfect option. Designed with the same blending power as the original WildSide+ model, the tiny blender is specially designed for single-serve portions.

The Mini WildSide Jar is a single-serve jar designed to work with all Blendtec blender models. Like the company's larger models, the tiny blender features a blunt safety blade, a impact-resistant jar and a patented fifth side for faster blending. With a capacity of up to 46 ounces, the jar is ideal for making single-serve smoothies, salad dressings and other condiments.

Ideal for consumers who live alone or for those who often find themselves making small batches of sauces and other condiments, the Mini WildSide Jar is a handy blender solution.