World's Most Dangerous Sporting Event

 - Jul 26, 2006
References: gizmag
The days of the gladiator may be over, but dozens of ultra high risk sports are on the rise, including: BASE Jumping, Free Diving, Cave Diving, Speed Skiing and Street Luging. However, the MOST dangerous sport, is the Granada Dakar off-road rally, which claims two lives per race.

"It's the world's most dangerous legally-sanctioned sporting event. Every time the event is run, on average, two competitors and an unknown number of spectators die. With an entourage the size of a small city, the Dakar Rally streaks for 16 days and 9000 kilometres across several countries and time zones at frightening speeds. One of the most significant events in the history of motorsport, it has direct lineage to the first auto race and all the famous city-to-city races which were banned between 50 and 100 years ago due to the carnage. So why is it still running?" - Giz Magazine