The Deadly Ponies 'Senorita Bandits' SS13 Lookbook is Boldly Vibrant

The Deadly Ponies 'Senorita Bandits' SS13 Lookbook takes inspiration from a traditional fiesta. Taking cues from Mexican culture, designer Liam Bowden of Deadly Ponies has created a series of bags that are modeled alongside skeletons in sombreros, animal skulls and donkey pinatas.

All featured with bright, bold designs, the line takes some of the best colors from a traditional party and mixes them with classic designs. The faded lime greens are offset by the natural green tones of desert cacti and paisley scarves.

The gorgeous luxury line has an incredible rounded black leather bag that features gold metallic studs. The black leather theme alongside the bright desert colors is a nice contrast that allows buyers to have the best of both worlds -- black and bold or bright and classic.