This Infographic Reveals the Deadliest Animals to be Mosquitos

 - May 7, 2014
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If you've ever wondered what the deadliest animals on the planet are, Gate Notes has come up with the 'World's Deadliest Animals' infographic to answer your question. You'd be surprised to find out what tiny creature tops the list.

The 'World's Deadliest Animal' infographic creatively uses bar graphs to visually show the number of people killed by different animals each year. Surprisingly, frightening animals like sharks, lions and wolves only kill under 100 people a year. So what animal is killing the most amount of humans? Not-so-innocent freshwater snails are harming over 10,000 individuals a year and snakes about 50,000. But the deadliest animals of all are the smallest. That's right, mosquitoes are killing over 475,000 people a year by unknowingly transmitting Malaria. So next time you go outside at night, remember to put on bug spray!