These O Estado De Sao Paulo Ads Use Country Flags to Send a Message

 - May 26, 2011
References: ibelieveinadv & adsoftheworld
Using powerful countries around the world to represent the crisis of global warming, these O Estado de Sao Paulo ads introduce the newspaper's just-added Planet section. With the countries' flags diminishing before our eyes, it's hard not to be captivated by these images.

Featured in the O Estado de Sao Paulo ads are China, USA, and Brazil. It looks like the flags themselves have been hit by the effects of global warming. The flags are falling apart and their iconic symbols as national powers are fading away. They have even been made to look as if they're blowing in the wind; making a very realistic portrayal of these flags.

With images like these country flags, the O Estado de Sao Paulo ads instantly draw you in with their highly recognizable, but altered imagery.