The Redesigned De Bazaar Indoor Market Accommodates People

 - Dec 18, 2015
De Bazaar is the largest indoor market in Europe, standing at 35-years-old and accommodating two million visitors a year. The enormous sprawling market is sectioned into color-coded areas, with over 700 shops, 300 market stalls and numerous vendors, De Bazaar is brimming with life and activity.

One of these color-coded sections of the 75,000-square-meter market is Mihrab, inspired by the "kaleidoscopic" folklore of the East. A modern take on Eastern design language, Mihrab features a stunning gold-colored ceiling that spans 1600-square-meters and where consumers can purchase food and non-food products sourced from countries including Iran, India and Afghanistan.

Located in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, De Bazaar speaks to the renewed interest in the tradition of large-scale marketplaces. The Mihrab portion of De Bazaar was designed by Liong Lie Architects.