The David Kracov Cartoon Series is Rib-Tickling

 - Dec 18, 2011
References: davidkracov & mymodernmet
Many individuals have grown up watching their favorite cartoons, and the David Kracov Cartoon Series takes readers on a jolly ride down memory lane, leaving a smile on your face.

Artist David Kracov is an acclaimed artist who creates his masterpieces with inspiration from children. He has worked on the acclaimed 'The Lion King' and 'The Swan Princess.' In this rib-tickling series he uses play on words, and focuses on Daffy Duck from the infamous Looney Tunes cartoon series. Even if you are not familiar with these cartoons, viewers are sure to be amused.

Phrases and figures of speech are literally translated. For instance, the phrase "duck tape" has Daffy duck taped all over, and the phrase "falling in love" has a cartoon star falling on the word "Love." The literal play on words makes the David Kracov Cartoon Series truly entertaining.