This Necklace Turns a Dandelion Flower into a Wearable Wish

 - Apr 15, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
Whimsical jewelry lovers will adore this dandelion flower necklace that bottles a tiny, fluffy dandelion seed inside a dainty glass carafe. This dandelion wish necklace is super adorable and unlike any other necklace out there.

Everyone knows the folklore legend that if you blow on a dandelion seed and make a wish, it'll come true. Now you can make wishes wherever you go with this good luck dandelion flower necklace. The delicate dandelion seed is preserved inside a beautiful oblong glass vial and contained with a vintage-looking cork. Wearers can choose between long gold and silver chain styles.

To make an everlasting wish simply hold the glass vial, close your eyes, think of your wish and blow on the bottle. Hopefully, one day your wish will come true.