Oscar de la Hoya's Niece Spices Things Up On Daisy of Love

 - Apr 24, 2009
References: realitytvscoop & google
Do you remember Daisy of Bret Michael’s Rock Bus of Love? Daisy came in as the runner up onthe second installment of this widely watched reality tv show. Daisy is also the niece of Oscar De La Hoya (so guys who do her wrong better watch out!). Well, now she is taking her love life into her own hands with her new show "Daisy of Love". Daisy has a truckload of eligible bachelors to choose from ranging from tragic to fabulous. Will she pick the shy, but dependable wallflower, or the hard rocking punk rocker? What about the misguided meat head, or how about the triplets (where you get three for the price of one)? Tune in and find out!