These Charlie Sheen Moments and Parodies are Hilarious

 - Jul 10, 2011
Charlie Sheen has been making headlines for years and, as many know, has become an Internet sensation this year after a hilarious interview went viral.

This manic man has inspired people worldwide, becoming a muse for parodies and products. Now fans can flaunt their humorous hero on shirts, sweaters and even on their desk with Charlie Sheen bobblehead dolls. If you're feeling parched and weak, simply sip on Sheen's signature tiger blood juice for an extra dose of win.

These Charlie Sheen innovations are fantastically funny. Heck, hopefully soon he will inspire a chain of casinos named after him; the place would be full of slot "ma-sheens" and everyone would be winning!

Implications - Consumers appreciate products that are celebrity endorsed or themed. They construct parasocial relationships with famous stars, and grow to respect their opinions. For this reason, if companies manufacture products that are celebrity endorsed, consumers would be willing to embrace them as it brings them closer in their relationship to their idols.