The Cygo Electric Car Features Built-in Bicycle Storage

 - Dec 26, 2012
References: tuvie
The Cygo electric car is a concept designed specifically for bikers. Designer Daniel Rauch has created a two-seat vehicle with a built-in storage place for two bicycles. (The bikes are stored on the Cygo’s hatch.)

The Cygo electric car is powered by in-wheel engines and is about as aerodynamic a car as you’re likely to find. Designing an electric car specifically for bikers may initially seem a bit silly. However, when you think about the type of people who drive EVs, the idea makes a bit more sense. Those who care about the environment are likely to opt for an electric car, and it’s likely that those same people were riding bicycles before they decided to buy a car.

Also, many people complain about EVs due to their lack of capabilities. While the Cygo electric car can’t exactly tow a trailer or haul a dirt bike, it is able to take two people on a trip out of the city and into the country, bikes in tow.