The One-Command Robot Evolves into a Responsive Cyborg Dental Patient

 - Sep 12, 2012
References: in.reuters
Japanese dental students are practicing to become the perfect dentist with the cyborg dental patient known as Simroid.

Co-developed by Morita Manufacturing and Professor Akira Hamura from Nippon Dental University, the cyborg comes with a certain level of artificial intelligence. This development can assist not only dentists, but other hopeful professionals where immediate feedback is required.

Evolving from the typical single-command robot, Simroid is designed with sensors so that it is able to register pain and evaluate the to-be dentist's performance. Its life-like exterior is made of a material called thermoplastic elastometer, which allows its face to flex and flinch while being poked and prodded like a regular human being. As of this moment, Simroid can only speak in Japanese and in English but is set to be equipped with German, Mandarin and Korean in the near future.