Customer Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche

 - Feb 7, 2013
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Customer innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche advises his clients and keynote audiences to market from the perspective of the customer, not the advertiser. Innovative ideas are more likely to germinate within a company that has a strong understanding of its customers and their preferences.

In his award-winning book 'Exploiting Chaos,' which is available to read for FREE here, he introduces the concept of a cultural connection. Forming a cultural connection with customers is the most effective way to spread your message or product. Cultural connections align a brand's product with a person's identity and beliefs.

To demonstrate his point further, he references an anti-littering campaign by a Texas-based advertising firm called GSD&M. The firm learned that the best way to get people to sop littering was to create a campaign that resonated with the individuals throwing their garbage on the ground. Its research found that young males who drive trucks were the most likely to litter. The firm then created commercials that would specifically connect with this group of people.

"One of the first commercials featured two Dallas Cowboy football players, Ed Jones and Randy White, picking up trash on the side of the road. Ed Jones grabs a can and bellows with anger, 'Did you see the guy who threw this out the window -- you tell him I got a message for him!'

He then crushes the can on the side of his and head and says, 'Don't mess with Texas.'"

Looking at things from the consumer's view will make a company more successful and competitive in today's market.