Moby’s ‘Innocents’ Portrays the World’s First

 - Mar 4, 2014
References: moby & vice
Using the same name as his latest album ‘Innocents’, superstar singer Moby has recently released an eerie cult photography series with the same name to show two very different sides of Los Angeles. 

"The music on the record is kind of winsome and for the most part has a sweetness to it. Whereas the art to me has a very disconcerting strangeness," says Moby.

Imagining and documenting the world’s first post-apocalyptic cult for the cult photography series, the very visual artist uses photography to represent the decontextualizing of semiotic signifiers. The idea of cults appealed to Moby because most cults are pre-apocalytpic by nature with leaders promising to protect the clan from the dangers of the world. 

"The idea behind the art show Innocents is that the apocalypse has already happened, and this is the world’s first post-apocalyptic cult," says Moby.