Cuddle Buddies Lets the Lonely Hire a Cuddler by the Minute

 - May 5, 2014
References: thesnugglebuddies & holykaw.alltop
If you have been feeling a little lonely lately, a new service called Cuddle Buddies could fill that void. This company lets you hire a cuddler for $1 a minute. While many will undoubtedly feel weird about paying someone to cuddle them, there are many therapeutic benefits associated with physical touch. So you can always think of it as an investment in your health.

Both male and female cuddle buddies are available for hire on the Cuddle Buddies site, where pictures are available for browsing. The professional snuggle buddies welcome all clients, so no one will feel left out. The website's FAQ section highlights the platonic nature of the cuddler-cuddlee relationship and also makes some hilarious and helpful tips regarding hygiene and arousal.