The Cubed Maze3 Concept is Completely Transparent

 - Mar 3, 2012
References: philpauley & fastcodesign
If ever built, the Cubed Maze3 concept would need a sign that read, "No Opera Singers." Made entirely out of glass, including the ceilings and floors, a high pitch note issued from one of their mouths could potentially crash the Cubed Maze3 to the ground. Their presence could compromise the safety of those perusing the nine-floor structure.

In reality, the Cubed Maze3 structure would be constructed entirely out of 100% recycled flexible glass-based polymer. British designer/futurist Phil Pauley writes, "Each of the nine levels represents the complexity of an equivalent single level maze. Stairs and ramp ways may offer assurance but sometimes you will have to go back down a floor or two to reach the higher levels!"