BMW's 'Ctrl Z Day' Campaign Drives Home an Important Message on Life

 - Jul 27, 2013
References: jingdaily & designtaxi
To promote its Z4 sports car, BMW created the 'Ctrl Z Day' campaign. BMW made use of blogging platform Weibo to engage users in 'Ctrl Z Day,' a fictional holiday invented for this campaign.

On the keyboard, pressing the 'control' and 'Z' keys activates the "undo" command. Users were made to believe that the second Friday of July is the "worldwide day of regret." On this theme, BMW asked users to share moments in their lives moments they would rather take back.

BMW was able to engage over 30,000 users in this dialogue. Although this seems like a strange approach, BMW tied these stories to a philosophical message, reminding users that life is full of bumps in the road an you have to drive forward without regrets.