Crystal Wagner Made This Huge Sculpture from Simple Materials

 - Dec 14, 2013
References: crystalwagner & mymodernmet
Crystal Wagner, an Atlanta-based artist, created ‘Deluge,' which is an installation that mimics the design of a huge tidal wave. The structure stands very high and it was created from cloth, screen print, balloon mylar and chicken wire. Somehow, through her expertise, these materials were combined to create brilliant ripples of blue water and frothy, white sea foam.

The structure stimulates the motion of waves, crashing to the edge of the room and being forced into the ceiling to continue crashing in a new direction. An installation as enormous and purposeful as this encourages viewers to take in its enormity and visualize what it would be like to surf inside a wave or feel the fear and power of uncontrollable waters.

Crystal Wagner describes the installation as "a reminder of our smallness and our lack of control over the natural world." The uncertainty that ‘Deluge’ represents will take you back to the feeling you had as a child – small, curious and a little fearful.