This Concert Hall is Covered in Crushed Brickwork and Concrete

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: & dezeen
Tenerife architect Fernando Menis recently completed a Polish concert hall with a beautiful crushed brick exterior. While brick is hardly a revolutionary building material, this building uniquely combines crushed brickwork and concrete for a distinctly modern design.

The CKK Jordanki concert hall is a 21,800 square-meter building located in Toruń, Poland. The outside has a rigid structure that seamlessly gives way to a more fluid interior. In order to provide optimum acoustics, Menis gave the building cave-like interior walls that jut in at unexpected angles. The walls are then covered with a mix of concrete and crushed brick through a technique Menis calls 'picado.' As Menis explains, "The visual effect achieved is that of a natural object, a rock."

The mosaic-like design ultimately uses co-existing elements to create a look that is both industrial and modern at the same time.