This Dominique Ansel Creation Includes a Crispy Waffle Fry Chip

Earlier this year, celebrity chef Dominique Ansel unveiled a decadent soft serve creation topped with a crispy waffle fry called a potato gaufrette. While Ansel previously wowed consumes with his burrata soft serve, his most recent treat ups the ante with sweet and salty ingredients.

Ansel's Salt + Pepper Caramel ice cream consists of caramel soft serve topped with Maldon sea salt, bite-sized pieces of devil's food cake and a crispy waffle fry. These toppings deliver both sweet and salty flavors that perfectly complement the caramel ice cream underneath. The ice cream also delivers subtle hints of heat due to the addition of black, pink and espellette pepper. The whole creamy creation is then served in a waffle cone to allow for the greatest volume of ice cream.

Ansel's latest ice cream creation demonstrates that consumers are willing to go beyond sweet flavors and sample salty, savory and even spicy toppings.