This Platform Helps Identify Suspicious Bitcoin Activity

 - Apr 4, 2018
References: bitfury & coindesk
'Crystal' is a high-tech cryptocurrency platform that uses cutting-edge tools to identify, track and probe Bitcoin transactions that could be linked to criminal enterprises and other nefarious entities.

Developed by pioneering blockchain services company Bitfury, the 'Crystal' cryptocurrency platform is built around a risk-rating protocol that assigns a suspicion score to each transaction. The software also tracks transactions between multiple suspicious actors, helping to create a pattern of potential criminal activity, which can then be represented on a graph.

By using its cutting-edge cryptocurrency platform and technology to identify online criminals and work with authorities, Bitfury is set to play a big role in helping Bitcoin move past its association with the dark web and criminal underworld, which could be crucial to helping businesses and regular people leverage the wonders of Bitcoin's underlying technology.