This Key Lime Oreo Truffle Cream Pie Recipe is New Variation on a Classic

 - May 21, 2016
References: ohsweetbasil
This cream pie recipe is a play on the traditional key lime pie, as it incorporates the dessert-flavored Oreos. Created by Jillian of A baJillian Recipes and featured on the food blog Oh Sweet Basil, the Key Lime Oreo Truffle Cream Pie is a refreshing summer time treat that requires no baking.

The dessert has a graham cracker crust, Key Lime Oreo truffle filling and a layer of tangy white chocolate mousse. The tangy cookie pie is a fluffy take the Oreo obsessed and white chocolate crazy will absolutely adore.The no-bake cream pie recipe calls for a package of Key Lime Oreos, cream cheese, white chocolate, whipping cream and a variety of other ingredients that is both zesty and sweet at the same time.