These Crazy Shoes from Gasoline Glamour Look Delicious

These extravagantly crazy shoes will make you look fabulous, but might also ruin your diet.

If you really want to steal the show at the next party you go to, these killer candy heels will definitely do the trick. Everything about them screams excess, from the height to the high calorie decorations. Even if you have nowhere to go with these babies, you could still just wear them the next time you go to the dentist.

These crazy shoes are from outrageous fashion label Gasoline Glamour. The heel is eight inches high, and every inch of the outside is covered in little decorations. Attached to the shoes are multiple embellishments. The most colorful of the add-ons are rainbow lollipops on the front of the shoes. All around them are other shinny trinkets in a multitude of hues.