These Twisted Craste Lawrence Artworks are Violently Provocative

 - Mar 8, 2011
References: galeriesas & gizfactory
Art can be a purely aesthetic creation, but the best manifestations of creativity and imagination are usually those that seek to evoke something more profound, like these porcelain artworks by Craste Lawrence.

Made out of porcelain vases and sculptures that have been willfully deformed in the final stages of their manufacturing process, these Craste Lawrence pieces are appropriately titled 'Abuse.'

In addition to misshapen and grotesquely manipulated porcelain, however, Craste Lawrence’s 'Abuse' artworks also feature weapon-like implements that interact with the porcelain in violent and destructive positions. In this way, each piece from the Montreal-based artist seems to speak to the counter-intuitive but wholly legitimate act of creation that is inherently present in, of all things, the art of destruction itself.