Dash's 'Couture Sandwich Maker' Looks Like a Luxurious Handbag

 - Sep 20, 2017
References: amazon
Dash, a brand that offers unique kitchen appliances, updated its selection with the 'Couture Sandwich Maker,' a unconventional device that toasts bread to perfection while creating aesthetically pleasing diamond shapes out of it.

Like many of the other sandwich makers on the market, Dash's version features a red and a blue light on the front of it to show users when their bread is done being toasted -- ensuing a flawless result every time it's used.

What's most interesting about the Couture Sandwich Maker is it's design, with each device made to look like a luxurious handbag. In order to suit different consumer preferences, the device can be purchased in a total of four colorways: pastel pink, light turquoise, black, or a deep hue of magenta.