Fashion Mags Skip Rags, Save Money

 - Dec 12, 2008
References: pipeline.refinery29
We know that fashion designers often try to be ironic in their designs. Social trends influence fashion trends and vice versa. In the face of the current credit crunch, fashion magazines are imitating the spring runways, where models going bare seemed to be the next big thing (apparently we should be expecting a warm spring). 

We know that print magazines often feel the brunt of a bad economy first, but saving money by skipping the couture? Can you imagine what a Chanel birthday suit would look like?

There are always ways to stay classy when implementing nudity as an artistic medium and the two mags that produced these photos (Tar and Gravure) seem to be on to something. Black-and-white photos are a good start, and from a merchandising perspective, a "blank canvas" is always the best way to showcase an item--although I have to ask: How many of you were actually looking at the shoes in the first photo? Anybody?