The Courteous Creatures Series Portrays Talking Animals

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: nsyfiqn.tumblr & lostateminor
Artist Nur Syafiqin uses dark ink on card paper to create his printed Courteous Creatures illustration series.

In his series, the artist portrays talking animals that have things to say and gives them speech bubbles that show these critters are not as frightening as we may think they are. One such animal is a python who asks about the weather and excuses its yawn by stating, "Sorry, didn't have much sleep last night. Pardon me." These remarks seem innocent enough but when it offers to console you with a hug, its sincerity becomes questionable.

A shark that claims it has no taste for human flesh and a crow profusely apologizing for pooping on your head are among the insincere yet polite animals in the very humorous Courteous Creatures series.