This Cough Syrup Bottles are Equipped with Pop-Up Spoons

 - Dec 14, 2015
The Trifold cough syrup concept is conceived by Aditi Pimprikar and Shivali Babras of India and is socially conscious in its point of view. Available in three varieties, the cough syrup boasts color-coded containers and boxes that each represent a different flavor of medicine.

In addition to its sleek and modern packaging, what's special about this cough syrup are it's pop-up spoon additions. Designers Aditi and Shivali created a set of foldable spoons that can be found inside each cough syrup package. Using simple origami configurations, users can fold paper to create their very own spoon that is not only convenient but also perfectly portion-controlled.

This cough syrup concept is not only ideal for parents who are on the go but it also aims to help those in developing countries where medicine and other health equipment is scarce.