Older Ladies Looking For Younger Men in SF Bay Area

 - Sep 1, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: buzzfeed
The pictures in the gallery are actual photos taken from the First National Cougar Convention that recently happened in the Bay area - and, I don't mean the jungle cat. I'm referring to older ladies who prefer the company of younger men.

It is believed that this Cougar Convention is the first of its type. Men have been dating younger women for years, good for these ladies for challenging the double standard.

Implications - The dating world is more diverse than ever, with couples foregoing traditional ideas of age, race, and sex and opting for unconventional views of love. Since pairings of many different kinds are now socially acceptable, events that encourage this diversity are a great business venture and raise public awareness of the many different types of relationships that are possible in today's society.