'The Cost of Technology Over the Decades' Infographic is Reassuring

 - Jan 25, 2012
References: newmaconline & dailyinfographic
Cellphones, computers, gaming systems and other technological gadgets often seem to bear a hefty price tag, but as 'The Cost of Technology Over the Decades' shows, what you pay now might just be a portion of yesteryear's price.

Created by newMAConline, the infographic uses the actual prices of products from years ago and adds inflation to produce the estimated cost of what these old school devices would cost now. In all of the cases examined by the infographic, the estimated new price is substantially higher than the cost of modern updates to the devices, like the Apple iPhone at $499, compared to 1983's DynaTAC 8000x cell phone at a whopping $8,589!

The lowered cost of tech gadgets in this decade might explain why cell phones and other devices are far more common now -- I can't imagine paying over $8,000 for a mobile! For more incredible price comparisons, check out The Cost of Technology Over the Decades.