CosquillArte is the World's First Ever Tickle Spa

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: cosquillearte & fitperez
CosquillArte is the world's first tickle spa. Similar to typical massage parlors, CosquillArte, which translates roughly to 'Tickle Yourself' and 'Tickle Art,' offers a revolutionary way to relax muscles.

Thankfully, CosquillArte doesn't treat you like its own Tickle Me Elmo in which rough tickling is expected. Instead, CosquillArte's tickle spa specialist use the light touch of hands, fingertips and even feathers to induce a calming effect over the body.

Located in Madrid, Spain, CosquillArte was created by created by public-relations specialist Isabel Aires with the help of two trained massage therapists. Inspired by her dad's own tickling technique to help her fall asleep as a child, CosquillArte is already being embraced in Europe. Sessions cost $35-$60.