Corredo by Studio Ghigos Gives New Life to Grandma's Old Tea Set

 - May 1, 2014
References: ghigos & design-milk
Studio Ghigos' 'Corredo' is a project that explores memory and merges old objects with a contemporary aesthetic.

Corredo takes inspiration from a tea set that might have been passed down by a grandmother, but instead of being used, it sits collecting dust in the attic. To give new life and meaning to these kinds of objects, Corredo introduces new forms created from the tea set itself. The new forms are ghost-like and can either encompass the components of the tea set, or be used as entirely new pieces like containers and vases, depending on the way they are oriented.

Although both the old and new components of Corredo are fully functional, without each other, the objects might be rendered useless and return to collecting dust.