Jeremy Gutsche's Corporate Organization Keynote Breaks Down Hierarchy

 - Feb 11, 2013
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Staying true to his unconventional yet breakthrough philosophies, corporate organization keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche advises companies today to fight as if they're right, and to listen as if they're wrong. Too often, he believes, is seniority prioritized within a company, leading to lost opportunities and closed doors. He sees conflict and debate between all levels in a company as beneficial and crucial to its well-being.

He uses the story of Ray Dalio to demonstrate his point:

"In 1975 finance maven Ray Dalio was fired from his job at a stock brokerage. From his point of view, he couldn't fit into a corporate culture where hierarchy was more important than logic. So he started his own firms Bridgewater Associates, where conflict and reasoning are more important than seniority:

'Conflict in the pursuit of excellence is a terrific thing and is strongly encouraged, in fact demanded. There should be no (or as little as possible) hierarchy. Certainly there are organizational 'superior-subordinate' relationships; however, every 'subordinate' is encouraged to argue with his or her 'superior' if he or she thinks they know the better way, and every 'superior' is required to encourage this...I want power ti life in the reasoning, not in the position, of the individual.'"

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