The New Corona Extra Ad Promises a Cast Away in a Bottle

 - Mar 11, 2013
References: coronaextra & adsoftheworld
The Corona Extra ad titled 'Cast Away' features a very literal and humorous visualization of all the stressful responsibilities and tasks people experience as they go about their daily living.

The protagonist in the commercial is casually strolling down the street while operators, technicians and girlfriends come out of nowhere and bombard him with things to do and places to go. This scenario of being constantly nagged with questions and expectations is something we can all certainly relate to.

The male figure simply runs away from all these requests and joins his friends in a bar to indulge in some care-free drinking, which involves the advertised Corona Extra drink. The catchphrase 'Find Your Beach' explains how this Corona beverage is able to take all your worries and stresses away, and rather take you to a place that is relaxing and fun.