The American Copper Buildings Will Feature 5,000 Copper Panels

The American Copper Buildings is a wonderfully innovative as well as exceptionally well engineered architectural projects, conceived and developed by SHoP Architects, that consists of a pair of beautiful copper-clad towers that stand side by side and are joined together by a sky bridge.

This building project occupies a space of 60,000 square feet and will be home to as many as 761 luxury residential units which will have up to three bedrooms and will come in a variety of designs and floor plans.

The highlight feature of the American Copper Buildings is undoubtedly the fact that the towers will be sheathed in around 5,000 copper panels, a cladding feature that will give the building's facade a wonderfully deep red colors.

Ultimately, the American Copper Buildings show how materials can be enhanced so as to enhance the construction and aesthetics of a building.