From Feline Desserts to Burnable Biscuits

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: trendreports
Cookies are a classic snack, and work best dipped into a glass of milk, according to many children. This delectable treat has been adjusted over the years to keep up with pop culture and Internet fads. Traditional chocolate-chip cookies just don't cut it anymore. The Cookies Trend Report explores these changes and highlights the best innovations done by cookie-lovers everywhere. Feline-inspired desserts are no longer considered out-of-the ordinary, but are a welcome addition to any afternoon snack.

Many changes involve using classic ingredients, but putting a slight spin on the traditional recipe. For example, chocolate is an ever-popular addition to any cookie, and the cigarette-shaped treats use a dash of cocoa powder to enhance the look of a burnt-out smoke. The result looks detestable, but is beneficial for anyone looking to enhance their cookie design skills.