These Homemade Ghoulish Cookie Sandwiches Celebrate the Day of the Dead

In honor of the Day of the Dead, food blog The Simple Sweet Life put together these incredibly detailed hand-painted skull macarons as a celebratory treat. The macrons are shaped like miniature skulls painted with a decorative sugar skull design.

These macarons are made using almond flour mixed in with sugar, egg whites and cream. The batter has to be carefully mixed and maintained to create the light, fluffy dough with a crunchy exterior that macarons are so well known for. Once the skulls are baked they can be sandwiched together with whipped cream. To decorate The Simple Sweet Life recommends using a black food marker to get precision lines when drawing the sugar skull embellisments.

The recipe even features macaron templates to make cutting the dough that much easier -- especially for first timers.