WE MAKE CARPETS Uses Everyday Objects to Create Floor Covering

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: wemakecarpets.nl & enpundit
It might seem like an foolish idea to make carpets out of toothpicks or plastic cups, but WE MAKE CARPETS does just that with their collection of contemporary carpet interpretations.

The pieces aren't just ornate, but also strikingly beautiful despite being made of garbage and other pieces of inanimate material. What's more, the collection of contemporary carpets highlights that there is a distinct level of personality that can come through pieces of household material.

Carpets are usually used for two things: keeping floors covered and looking rather ornate. While the WE MAKE CARPETS collection only does the latter, it's quite clear that the designers went to significant lengths to create the pieces that are actually so nice that they would make fantastic tapestries.