The 'RFIDsecur' Ensures Contactless Cards Remain Secure

 - Nov 3, 2016
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
Contactless cards make paying for items, collecting points and even gaining access to areas easier. However, the cards also make it easier for thieves to gain access to the data on the cards when you're out and about, so the 'RFIDsecur' is engineered to help offer a solution.

The 'RFIDsecur' card works by being kept in the wallet to help block access to your tap-enabled cards to ensure that thieves that are looking to intercept the signals can't do so. While many products such as wallets and purses are being developed to help disable theft attempts, the 'RFIDsecur' works by being able to be implemented in virtually every wallet or purse. This helps to make the security capabilities of the 'RFIDsecur' virtually endless.