Conservational International Preserves Nature Through Awareness

 - Jul 16, 2013
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Fuze Image Maker has created some stunning life-like renders of animals for Conservation International. They are to be part of Conservation International's new advertising campaign to help bring awareness to animal captivity and the horrors that creating large animal farms can bring about.

The images depict tropical birds, pandas and ant-eaters in captivity akin to what you would see a cow in. The idea is that when the viewer sees these animals being farmed, they get the feeling that something is off. Yet when people see images of cows or pigs in captivity, the masses have become desensitized.

Conservational International has a goal of allowing humans and nature to mutually and progressively co-exist. As the company states on its website, "people need nature to thrive." Fuze Image Maker did an excellent job bringing to life these thought-provoking images.