This Concept Device Turns the VR Experience into a Physical One

 - Nov 16, 2015
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'Impacto' is a concept device that turns the VR experience into a physical one. Although VR technology is changing the way we view video content, it has not altered the way that we physically respond to media. Impacto could change the current VR experience by adding a physical element to visual technology.

Impacto is a concept device that can stimulate haptic feedback for those who use VR technology. The device allows users to feel punches, impact and even recoil through the use of two main components. The device features a solenoid, which recreates the physical feeling of being touched. This touch creates the sensation of impact and mimics the feeling of being punched. The second major component in the device is a series of electrical muscle simulators, which use electrodes to move the user's muscles. These electrodes recreate the sensation of absorbing energy from a powerful blow. The overall effect is a physical experience that corresponds to what the user is viewing.

The new technology creates a more immersive VR experience by adding the element of touch to visual technology.