'Conan' is a Board Game Version of the Robert E. Howard Series

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: monolithedition & kickstarter
'Conan' is a board game based on the famous 'Conan the Barbarian' hero developed by fiction writer Robert E. Howard. The role playing game lets players team up as various characters from the series to defeat another player in the role of the villain.

In terms of gameplay, Conan is asymmetrical. That means that the player who is in the role of the villain will have more power (in the form of models and objectives) than the others. However, the game has room for up to four other players, meaning that their teamwork has the potential to quell the dominant evil.

Part of the appeal of the board game is in the models themselves. The Conan models are sold in plain grAy plastic, and players are encouraged to paint their sets.