This Compact Drone Comes Fitted With a Toy Gun and Flashlight

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: szsungreen & newatlas
Compact drones offer a wide range of advantages including the ability to explore dangerous and narrow spaces as well as the ability to fly undetected, but the S6 drone developed by Chinese company Wingsland is designed for an altogether more simple purpose -- pure unadulterated fun.

This particular camera comes equipped with a harmless but hugely entertaining toy gun attachment that you can use to launch projectiles on targets. The compact drone can easily be controlled by a companion smartphone app, with your ability to manipulate the drone's route enhanced by the ability to program in specific flight modes. The drone also comes with 4K video-recording ability so that you can embarrass your victims later on.

The S6 is ultimately a compact drone that places the emphasis on having a grand old time with some harmless fun and mischief.