Comic Spurs Aims to Dispel Hatred Towards the Comic Sans Typeface

 - Dec 5, 2014
References: comicspurs & designtaxi
In an effort to make the Comic Sans typeface more likable, a pair of creatives introduced a new but very similar font. Created by Declan Byrnes-Enoch and Michael Kleinman of James H. Goldberg Deskwear Collection, Comic Spurs "aims to rehabilitate the world's most reviled font."

Noting that the Comic Sans typeface used to be an ironic and funny choice to designers, the "anti-establishment establishment" corrupted it. With words like artisanal and bespoke being thrown around to the point they no longer have any real meaning, Byrnes-Enoch and Kleinmann hope to combat this fakeness with a joke font.

Comic Spurs offers designers the opportunity to fight back as it has value both comedy-wise and esthetically. The new font is regular Comic Sans, but with spurs added on to make it look hand drawn.