These Bizarre Modern Situations are Drawn in 50s Comic Illustration Style

Finnish artist Janne Iiovenen is making waves with his skilled retro style of comic illustration.

Iiovenen's comic illustrations resemble the classic cartoons of the 50s, especially the famous work of Belgian Georges Prosper Remi. Remi was better known by the pen name of Herge, under which he wrote the internationally famous Tintin series from 1929 to 1976. But although the style of the comic illustrations is vintage, it's their juxtaposed use of very modern imagery that makes them so interesting. Iiovenen depicts digital-age scenes like a frustrated office worker attacking his desktop computer with his mug of coffee and groups of friends gathered around their laptops.

Janne Iiovenen's fascinating comic illustration has been featured in publications including Wired and The Guardian, and he has been commissioned by Lexus and American Airlines.