The Vermont Comfortmeter Lets You Work or Play Contentedly

 - Oct 21, 2013
References: weems-plath & fancy
Getting work done can be tough, especially with the 101 distractions available to us these days; the desktop comfort meter goes one step further to ensure optimal comfort in your workspace -- that is, assuming you manage to stop playing Candy Crush long enough to focus.

Designed by Weems & Plath, the Vermont "comfortometer" measures the temperature and humidity of a space, and showcases the relationship between the two. The ideal temperature is displayed via a yellow panel on the screen, and the ideal humidity is shown in blue. The best combination of the two (your "target comfort zone") is shown in an intersecting green column.

You can use this portable brass weather-monitor in your office, your home, or your greenhouse and in conjunction with other weather instruments (such as a dehumidifier) to improve the atmospheric conditions.