This Column Five Media Infographic Sets the Record Straight

 - Mar 13, 2012
Column Five Media has produced an enlightening infographic aptly named 'Navigating Political Terminology in an Election Year.' Politics is often made deliberately convoluted and confusing by those who practice it; this is why the Column Five Media decided it was time to set the record straight.

Kinda-maybe-sorta statements are easier to deny and revise for politicians than are definite, straight-up statements. Political scientists, junkies and pundits have their own vocabulary that, to the layman, is often hopelessly opaque.

Now there is hope for those that don't follow politics as if their lives depended on it. Column Five Media's 'Navigating Political Terminology in an Election Year' covers words ranging from dry and technical like GDP and caucus, to contentious and often inaccurately applied terms like pork-barrel and free-market.

There is a catch though -- The Column Five Media infographic doesn't just give you the definition, it also gives you two options, one of which is false and one of which is true. So like all things political, you need to be skeptical.