The Andrew McGibbon 'Super Colour' Shoot is Luminous & in Motion

After checking out these colorful and vibrant images, it is no surprise why Andrew McGibbon, who specializes in the creative fields of photography, directing and retouching, claims that one of his projects, dubbed ‘Super Colour,’ is his favorite yet.

Super Colour for the Motion Dance Company is an attention-grabbing series of color, luminosity, motion and emotion, which utilizes four lights with colored gels and buckets after buckets of water to create the colorful and visually stunning effects.

Some images see the group of young, active models channeling great zest as they display energetic dance moves on water surfaces. Another of Andrew McGibbon's images features a particular female model being splashed with a handful of green and blue dye powder, and yet another coated in black body paint with a gravity flow of white.